Tuesday, August 13, 2013

NEW Lacy Ruffled Pocketbook and Crochet Chained Necklace

"Made to Order"
 Lacy Ruffled Pocketbook, Crochet Chained Necklace and
 Lacy Ruffled Scarves that aren't already listed in my Etsy Shop in my Lacy Ruffled Scarf Section

Place your orders early. This yarn sells out very quickly. Can not guarantee that the color you are looking for will be available. It will take 7-10 days to receive the yarn once you place your order.
 And then 7-10 days to make the pocketbook and mail it off to you.
 Contact me to place your order at shellyknitting@snet.net 

Hand Knit Lacy Ruffled Pocketbook
$68.00 each
Hand Knit Ruffled Lacy Scarf or Crochet Chained Necklace
$24.95 each

Color Choices

NEW Colors

Names of the colors

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