Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Some Photos from Rehab

While in Rehab for my broken leg and ankle, I was asked to bring in some of my products for the staff to see. My roommate was released from the Rehab and her bed was empty over the weekend. The staff asked me to lay the scarves, hats and holders on the bed for them to look through. They had fun trying on the items and ended up selling several items. Who knew that I would sell products while re-cooperating from breaking my leg. I also have several orders that I am working on. I didn't pick up my knitting needles for almost a full week after my fall. They loved coming into my room and watching me knit. I was able to take credit and debit card payments with my cell phone and they had fun watching me do that. All in all everyone at the Rehab/Nursing Center were wonderful. I received wonderful care. 

I came home a week ago and its GREAT to be home!

Here are some photos from Rehab. Enjoy!