Sunday, March 25, 2012

Aqua Turf Customers

Here are photos of some of my customers from last Sunday's Craft Show at the Aqua Turf who weren't camera shy!

This one was taken by my customer   

I've been meaning to post this one of Keri's daughters wearing their hat and mitten sets!


  1. Awesome photos, Shelly! It looks like you and your customers all had a very fun day!

  2. Great way to show us your scarves on happy customers!!
    They look so nice on everyone...except maybe that one guy LOL But, I give him huge props for his bravery!! hehe

  3. Thanks NaLa & customers husband liked both scarves on his wife and told her to buy both of them and then when I took a photo of her wearing one of the scarves he said that he'd wear one with her for a photo which was so cute that I had to take another photo! I give him lots of props for doing that with a BIG Smile on his face too!