Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy First Birthday Bunny and Scooter

Check my earlier posts and see the earlier photos when we first got them. There is on the tab/page dedicated to the  
"Greater New Haven Cat Project". 
Our daughter started rescuing cats to be
 neutered and spayed last summer. 
There is a whole story about my baby kittens.

Our kittens are celebrating their 1st Birthday today.
I took some photos. Found it hard to get them to smile.
Both are very healthy and happy kitties.
We are thrilled to have them in our lives.
Scooter is so affectionate and loves to cuddle while
Bunny loves to play more than cuddle.

I also made a treasury in Honor of their first birthday. 
Hope you enjoy the photos and treasury.
Would love your comments.
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Here are the photos..enjoy!



Bunny checking to see where Bailey is!
Bailey our Cocker Spaniel.


  1. What a beautiful way to express your love for your kitties! I love your photos and the treasury as well! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your celebration!!! Your kitties are so adorable!
    God Bless, Linda

  2. Happy birthay furbabies!!!! Love cats too :) and thank you for featuring my kitty pattern in your treasury!