Thursday, September 30, 2010

Please Help If You CAN!!

Need help with vet bill for foster kitties
My friend Stacy is very passionate and active about helping animals. Below is the story of a bunch of cats she has recently helped. They needed medical attention, and she now has a bill for $900 to pay. Please consider helping her pay this bill, so she can continue to do the great work that she does. Every little bit helps, no amount is too small.

She has successfully humanely trapped and rescued 3 cats from North Haven (and still 3 more to go at this location) & 5 cats from New Haven (and still 4 more to go at this location).

The mission is to do the following:
-Humanely trap the cats, get them vaccinated for rabies & distemper

-Have them tested for Feline Leukemia (FeLV) & Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)

-Get them spayed & neutered

-Try to socialize as many as possible to be able to place them into safe, loving, forever homes. The cats that are too feral (wild) are re-released back to the areas that they were found in (if the areas are safe, if they are unsafe then they are relocated to a safe location to live out their lives).

She is currently feeding both colonies of cats daily (now with the help of a few other people) and she has also taken in 4 foster cats from the New Haven site to try to socialize them so they can be adoptable.

Two 5 week old kittens (Runt & Squeak) that are both being bottle fed, one which had a seizure due to extremely low blood sugar (from a parasite or virus) this kitten "Runt" also needs extra attention to have intravenous injections of antibiotics & diluted dextrose for her sugars.

The other two cats are Mini (a 5 month old tuxedo kitten) & Sweet Pea who is the mom of Runt & Squeak and she is probably around 1 year old if that.

She is always willing to accept donations of wet of dry cat food or clean towels.

If you are interested in helping to contribute food, towels or cash is always good too... please email her at & in the title of your email say something about "donations for cats"

Thanks for your support! Below is a picture of Squeak

This is my Squeaky when he needed Insulin Shots!! 
He and his sister Runty will be coming home to live with us on Sunday. Can't wait!!!!

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